There has been a while since I wrote something about the coursesetting work. It's mostly because the work has been down for quite a few months. Now, the Nordic orienteering federations jointly decided to terminate the Nordic Championship with immediate effect. Instead they want to try creating a new race, the Nordic junior meeting or whatever it´s name would be. The idea is to create a good competition for juniors in the Nordic countries and maybe also from other countries. Therefore, it becomes a bit shorter competition program at the same time that the NOC would have been implemented. The weekend begins with a sprint race on Friday. Then it becomes a middle- or longdistance race on Saturday and closing a relay race with mixed teams. Two girls and two boys to be included in the squad. All the details are not clear yet and it feels like it's getting a bit short of time. If it gets as much snow this winter as last winter, only two and a half months are left bare. Then snow until late April and then it is only days away. Right now there are almost no courses exists.

Today I ran in the area. It is very nice terrain. There is good visibility and easy to get around. In a few places hindered accessibility of some denser forest. There are also wide variations in terrain.

Just 250 meters from where the last picture is taken the terrain is very different. I think it can be very good races. Now it's just to get to work.


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